Pełna instrukcja obsługi systemu Accurize.



Jakie wymiary ma ekran systemu Accurize?

Wymiary to 270 x 210 x 28 mm

Jaka jest waga ekranu systemu Accurize?

Waga to 800 g

Na jakim dystansie mogę trenować z systemem Accurize?

System Accurize pracuje optymalnie w zakresie od 5 m do 15m. 

Tarcze są przeskalowane do treningu na 5 lub 10m. 



Its a target for dry shooting, Accurize target is built on a heavy duty plastic frame to provide years of trouble free laser shooting action. With a short flash laser bullet  you can hit the target ,and get the result of the hit directly to your tablet or phone via Bluetooth technology, instantly.

Accurize shooting system is for indoor use under normal light conditions. Avoid direct sunlight on target.

Integrated battery offers you hours of shooting action.

The targets are scaled to the correct size according to original targets and are optimally used at 5 m or 10 m distance. This gives you the same feeling as when shooting at real targets for gun, rifle, pistol etc.

Excellent for dry shooting practice with different firearms.

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